Currently, the mining division NEIMAN GROUP consists of numerous mines in virtually all areas of Brazil, concentrating mainly in the states of Rondonia, Matogrosso and Amapa. Neiman Group has numerous mines in situations of exploitation or partially exploited. Consequently we offer our customers the opportunity to invest in the development of such mines and may dispose of them either exclusive or shared. The investment may be implemented at different levels:

  • Providing machinery for mining operation.
  • Concentration ore plant.
  • Development of processing plant.
  • Capital Investment purely financial way.
  • Technical and manpower personnel for the operation of the mines.

Depending on the type of investment you will receive an important discount on mineral in the regular market price that will ensure more than satisfactory returns. We would like our customers were also our partners and are open to become part of the shareholders of our mines. The mines belong directly to companies within the group or partners and associates. Minerals we offer are copper, gold, manganese, tantalum, tungsten,… please consult availability of raw materials. Please contact us via email or phone to obtain more detail for the different options to collaborate.

Machadinho d’Oeste Mines – Rondonia, Brazil

Available products: titanium, tin, tungsten.

Porto Velho Mines – Rondonia, Brazil

Available products: titanium, tin and tungsten.

Cuiaba Mines – Mato Groso, Brazil

Available products: gold.

Garimpo Bom Futuro Mines – Rondonia, Brazil

Available products: titanium, tin and iron.