Hedging Trades


The raw materials are the first products on which financial transactions are made. It is a deliverable that has futures trading desk and spot trading desk with physical delivery of the products as is the case with our company. We know that since the contracts of purchase and sale of raw materials to delivery of finished products (ingots and ingots) to end customers can spend 3 or 4 months in which there is a fluctuation in prices that can ruin an operation sign success. Within Neiman Group we have a wide expertise in conducting financial transactions on commodities as well as privileged access to all major platforms and markets for them. Added value in transactions we offer our clients consulting services and support for the realization of hedging strategies on the positions to buy us both copper concentrates and gold concentrates. With these hedges (hedging between spot and future) are to ensure maintaining a constant rate from the time of completion of contracts / release payment instruments until arrival at destination port of the products or even cover the entire cycle productive until the delivery of the processed product to the end customer. Such strategies will you ensure certainty on returns for a minimal financial cost.