Iron ore

Neiman Group incorporates your product catalog iron ore obtained in Matogrosso. Iron is a metal widely used by industries. It’s found in nature as a mineral. The iron ore present in admixture with impurities and dirt (soil/ground) deposits. After passing a process of cleansing and purifying iron ore is taken to high temperature furnaces in the steel. This process is transformed into pig iron, hard consistency but fragile. Cast iron can pass special procedures to be converted into steel (alloy of iron and carbon). Steel has the advantage of being flexible, so it’s widely used in automobiles, appliances, etc.


Fe 64%          Below 63.0%

SiO2               < 8.0% max.

Al2O3            2.0% max

MnO               0.011% max

MgO               0.365% max

K2O                0.01% max

P                     0.10% max

S                     0.012% max


Max free moisture 105oC 8% max

Size < 6,35mm