Ore, Tungsten, Tungsten Ore, Wolframite.


Product Details:

It’s a rare metal in the earth’s crust, you find in form of oxide and certain Ores salts. It has a steel-gray, very hard and dense. This material is one of the coveted products on the market, because otherwise it could not be produced in an economical way, all the machines that surround us. There are tungsten ores in China, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Korea and United States. Deliver in container in big bags. Available sizes: from 50mm to 10mm, 10mm to 1mm and less than 1mm. EXW (in stock mine) or FOB (port of shipment). Ports of departure: Santos, Vitoria, Manaus, Porto Velho, Santarem or other main port in Brazil.


Check the last offer availale. Market prices less discount depending of the payment terms, quantities and applied Incoterm.

Price Terms:

Check the last offer available. L/C or T/T.

Proceso de compra:

We prepare ad-hoc concentrations of mineral for every customer. If you are interested in this product, the fast purchase procedure is as follows:

  • Kindly send an email to with the product you want to buy including specifications (chemical and physical) and quantities along with the data of your company.
  • Within a maximum of 5 working days we will reply to your request with the purchase contract. The contract is prepared in accordance with international standards where we will indicate the price, specifications, loading port. The payment term is L/C 100 % at loading port. If we can not supply the product we will tell you in 3 days.
  • Within a maximum of 5 working days should send the contract, filled, signed and sealed by the buyer. Any comment to this contract shall be settled during that workweek.
  • Within 5 working days we will return the contract signed and sealed by us. The electronic copy will be deemed legal contract.
  • BUYER issues DLC with 10(ten) banking days.
  • Shipments start as agreed within 60 days after the financial instrument from the BUYER is opened. ALL RISKS WILL BE TRANSFERRED FROM SELLER TO BUYER UPON LOADING THE MATERIAL INTO VESSEL AS PER INCOTERMS.

Recommended procedure for trials shipments prior to the formalization of long- term agreement.
Discounts under the official rates for deliveries of material EXW (in factory and mine) and for the supply of ore with anticipations after the signing contracts.